The properties of carbon are versatile. The material is exceptionally resilient with the lowest weight. Carbon is not attacked by most acids or alkalis. Due to these properties, carbon has a long service life. It also has very good electrical conductivity.

PrePreg/winding technique

PrePreg carbon tubes (winding technology) are carbon textiles pre-impregnated with resin (so-called PrePregs) which are wound around steel mandrels which were removed after the oven curing. This production process enables materials with good structural-mechanical properties and at the same time an attractive appearance (either matt or glossy).

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Pultruded Carbon Profiles

Pultruded carbon profiles (extrusion process) consist of carbon fibres which are drawn through a resin bath and then through a heated tool. Longitudinal forces are absorbed by rovings (unidirectional carbon fibres) arranged in the core of the profiles. Depending on the type of profile, transverse reinforcement is provided by additionally embedded reinforcement layers in the form of mats or fabrics.

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Telescopic Systems

Carbon tubes are particularly suitable for telescope systems due to their extremely high stability and very low weight.
The pressure on the tool mounted on top is optimally transmitted even at a height of several metres. Lateral torsion is almost non-existent.

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Machined Carbon

On request we supply carbon parts machined to customer specifications.